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Personal Styling

Impressionist Designs has a very strong philosophy when it comes to personal styling.
 We believe that  everyone should feel their best in whatever they wear!
We, as a company, truly believe that when you are dressed your best you feel your best, and when you feel your best that has a way of trickling throughout the rest of your life.   
We live by the motto, "Dress for the life you want."  
Whether we are putting together the perfect everyday wardrobe or finding the right look for that special occasion, we are here to make you the best you all the time! 

When it comes to getting ready for those special occasions, it can often bring much anxiety. When we know pictures will be taken to haunt us for all times, we ALL want to look fabulous. The worst is when you look back at photos and wonder, "What was I thinking?!?" There is NO worse feeling.  


Impressionist Designs is here to make sure that not only do you LOOK your best, but that you FEEL your best.  We work with each client to determine the best look for their body type, while cultivating the client's desired image. Together we are able to help you achieve that goal!   




Our closet makeover can act in several ways: 

1) To revamp your current wardrobe for a new job or change in life style.

2) To give a tired wardrobe a fresh makeover

3) To simply make you a better you! 

Yet when it comes down to it, the goal never changes which is, TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!  


Impressionist Designs strives to make life EASIER for you. Whether we are simply cleaning out the closet or providing a full wardrobe makeover, we work to take the chore out of getting ready.  We believe that when you have the right pieces, it is easy to look great without any extra effort.  

(Prices available upon request)


We would love to work with you and your budget, so please be upfront! 

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