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Impressionist Designs is a modern art company. We focus on creating mood and ambiance through each facet of our work. Whether  creating original numbered art pieces or developing the perfect on-set look,  we as a company are committed to quality in everything we do. Impressionist Designs main goal is simply to enhance your vision while working to truly bring it to fruition. PHILOSOPHY IS THE CORE OF OUR EXISTENCE.  

Samantha is the creator & visionary behind Impressionist Designs.  Her inspiration is largely derived via the world around her.  She can once said that "Beauty can be found in the daily when your eyes are  open and willing to see it... it's all around you. You never know where inspiration will strike. So much of the art is pulled from deep feelings, both the good and the bad. stay open!" 

Please, take a little time to explore the site.  The truth is, the limits with us are endless. don't be shy, take a minute and reach out.  You never know what masterpiece may be brought to volition due to creativity and inspiration in action.  At Impressionist Designs we believe that art is meant to be loved.  We delight in the conception and innovation of custom pieces.   

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